About Us


To provide deserving benefits to our consumers for trusting in us and to anticipate better shopping experiences within minimal time.


Making DaSucha.com a global Philanthropic Business.



Our Moto

  • Contributing to the weaker section of the society & feeding unprivileged peoples & orphans.

  • Providing consumers necessities at BEST PRICE with BEST QUALITY.

  • Save Consumers valuable time.

  • Work for Consumer's satisfaction.

Motto for introducing DaSucha.com

I as a teenager had always wanted to reach out to the unprivileged ones but couldn’t do so. Later on, when I started earning I became familiar with UCI Foundation, Tezpur. Through UCI Foundation I then started making small contributions. But, there was always an underlying feeling that this was not adequate. A consistent effort in this direction was the need of the hour.Therefore, in collaboration with UCI Foundation, Tezpur I intend to utilize some percentage of the profit earned by “DaSucha.com” for philanthropic activities. “DaSucha.com” not being an ordinary grocery store and staying true to its name- “THE PURE” shall strive to benefit the weaker section of the society. But, it must be said here that this effort shall be fruitful only when the consumers at large purchase their groceries and items of daily use from “DaSucha.com”.  Thus, it is an ardent request that the consumers lend a helping hand to the unprivileged ones.

Thanks & Regards

Ranendra Das